Dr. Violet Oloibiri

  • Study : Applied life sciences: Environmental technology
  • Professional activity: Water Research (Technology, quality, policy, sustainability)
  • Africa experience: Industrial researcher in Kenya
  • Relevant Interests: access to water, water in waste management

Wouter Rommens

  • Study:
  • Professional activitiy:
  • Africa experience: 
  • Relevant Interests:

Bart Bossyns

  • Study: Technical-Commercial Advisor
  • Professional activitiy:
    Main: Sales of and support on the saltwater batteries
    Extra: Commercial photovoltaic systems
    Extra: Commercial Solar Thermal systems, based on a patented thermal oil
  • Africa experience: Sales and support on saltwater battery systems
  • Relevant Interests: Sustainable, safe and environmental energy solutions for everyone

Christian Verbrugghe

  • Study: Master in Engineering, Business Administration
  • Professional activitiy: Director Africa at ZingaMetall ( anti-corrosion solutions ) * Owner of Verbrugghe Business Coaching, Export consultant * Partner at Aquifer Energy Limited – Tanzania * Board Member of CBL-ACP – Head of bilateral Kenya-Tanzania
  • Africa experience: 25 years sales/marketing/business development/economic trade missions
  • Relevant Interests: Long term empowerment of rural economic & social development * Renewable energy * Sustainable and cost-efficient water & electricity solutions embracing local content

Freya Keppens

  • Professional activitiy: interpreter/translator Dutch-French-German
  • Relevant Interests: translations for NGOs

Valerie De Coninck

  • Study: African languages and culture
  • Professional activity: Product manager Entrepreneurship Vlerick Business School
  • Africa experience: Exchange programme AFS in Ghana
  • Relevant Interests: Life long learning, entrepreneurship, travelling

Johan Lorrez

  • Study: Art History, University Ghent
  • Professional activitiy: Modern Art dealer
  • Africa experience: African paintings

Katia Van der Elst

  • Study: architecture university of Gent
  • Professional activitiy: architect
  • Africa experience: African paintings

Yvan De Coninck

  • Study: Trade – Geography and sciences
  • Professional activities: De Coninck Yvan bvba : Office supplies       
  • Zonpunt: solar education and applications
  • Africa experience: Education Tanzania & Kenya
  • Relevant Interests: solutions water purification; agroforestry; packaging

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