Dhr. Herman De Croo

Minister van Staat
Ere voorzitter van de Kamer
52 jaar parlementslid
Voorzitter ECA – CREAC:  promoot een betere toegang tot en verspreiding van kennis omtrent Centraal-Afrika.

Minister of State
Honorary President of the Chamber
52 year member of parliament
President ECA-CREAC: promotes better access to and dissemination of knowledge about Central Africa


Thomas De Beule,

Head C&M, Corporate & Management Head Africa Team, A-Law International Law Firm

Dirk Verbeke

He (°1966) was active in the educational sector since 1989 with Televic, first with consultancy and sales of language labs and interpreter training solutions in Belgium and other European Countries.  Later integrating new technologies and solutions for on- and offline training, coaching and assessing all over the world. Many years of experience, worldwide, has resulted in several international implemented projects.  Today, Dirk Verbeke is the lead for Africa localized project solutions, an embedded solution for teaching and assessing, developed in close collaboration and with feedback from Universities worldwide.

Abstract – Dirk Verbeke

Televic Education is a technological solution provider of smart classrooms, e-learning and digital assessment. Some of  the tools are specially developed for subjects as language, translation and interpretation.

Based on our experiences  in the implemented projects, so far, all over the African continent, during the last few years we want to share our challenges and lessons learnt.  Challenges of all kind: technological, technical, linguistic, communicative, environmental, pedagogical approach, curriculum, geographical, power, connectivity, … .

The aim is to Africanize and/or localize and improve the solutions in collaboration with Universities (African and others) through advanced research in different fields from academic to technology in order to improve academic and teaching excellence and to deliver labour market oriented study results: dialogue setting.

Topic – onderwerp: Challenges and lessons learnt in a country-wide Ghana project providing 240 schools with e-learning and Smart ICT classrooms.

Dirk Verbeke

Dhr. Jan Van Herreweghe

Jan Van Herreweghe is bestuurslid van Boomkwekerijcentrum regio Wetteren en zal ook Boomkwekerijcentrum regio Wetteren toelichten.

  • Topic – Onderwerp: Legal, Institutional and Economic Framework East-Africa